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Life went by so fast!

After your untimely death in the previous game you start off your afterlife as a lovely ghost on a mission to correct past mistakes and have lots of fun along the way!

This is a sequel to Life: The Game.


LMB - Use it for everything
P - skip level (use it if a level is too hard)


Design: Maja Vavpotič ( @VavpoticMaja, majavavpotic@gmail.com)

Development: Tilen Pogačnik ( @TilenPogacnik, tilenpogacnik94@gmail.com)

By buying this you will also receive a standalone copy of the prequel - Life: The Game.

Your purchase will help us develop more games and pay for coffee during long nights of development :)

Warning: This game contains flashing images.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.00 USD. You will get access to the following files:

AfterlifeTheGame_Windows.zip 26 MB
AfterlifeTheGame_Linux.zip 29 MB
AfterlifeTheGame_MacOSX.zip 27 MB
LifeTheGame_Windows.zip 27 MB
LifeTheGame_Linux.zip 30 MB
LifeTheGame_MacOSX.zip 28 MB


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Awesome Game i got Stuck on some levels, but i made it to heaven lol

i want to play the game

wahhhhh im sooo sad i died

why do you have to PAY!! Lol i'm cheap



Hello I bought this game but I could't play the party section, it didn't work, I must skip it, I'm on Linux. Please help me!


this game has some older content please talk to your parents before playing this it has some older scenes


Have a Undertale easter egg in alan minigame

Have a Undertale easter egg in alan minigame


Omg guys I was so bad at Life I'm better at Afterlife ;c


By the way, who just came back from watching Kyutie play this game on Youtube?


I did, she is amazing

yes of corse


I came watching it from kyutie i am her biggest fan now i made my account i didnt have one!!!!


OMG yes I so did that too


I did, I saw Kyutie play this on youtube and wanted to play it and came back and played it.


omg, yasss!! i do that with every game she plays ._.

I came from Reaction Time :3




I just posted a video of this to my YouTube channel and had loads of fun playing it. I hope this makes it to a full release because I'd love to play more!!! :D

im a child i played life : the game 7 years old i am BYE!

I really want to play

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Yhis was so adorbaly cute! :3

Here's my take of it:



Una Aventura despues de la Vida

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i thought this game was free o_O

I wish it wus

Ik just played life DAMM MY LIFE!!!

this is the sequel

Cri ever tim ; - ;

I wish it was free ~_~

Hey the game is really funny and I love the music you are using. Jokes are good and mini games even tho they are tedious at times they are well connected to the 'story' XD I really enjoyed your game, THE GAME

Made a little video if you are interested in some commentary even tho I am butchering your names there and pretty much whole english language XD

Enjoy XD

Fantastic follow up to THE LIFE GAME !! :)

am I the only one that bought this because of jack being in it XD

No because I watched him play it on U Tube and he was in it LOL

they are graet games iguess

this is Really cool

  • how do pi play

I bought the game on my mac computer , but it doesn't seem to work even after I unzipped the file. Please help?

Where the hell are the admins

why do u have to buy this one but not buy the first game like its not much but still in pewdiepies video it states that this is free.

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I know right

I'm British, do I pay with GBP or USD? I only have GBP but do I have to pay with USD?

As far as I know you can pay with GBP and it gets converted to USD automatically (at least if you're using PayPal).

Thank you!

WHat is the song at the ghost party section....?

Why is this game 2$? It should be free. I want to play this game, but it costs too much for me. I'm not paying $2 for something that should be free.


You are an idiot, It takes time to work on these games and the least you can do is pay the devs for they're hard work

*Their :)


they're ;)


It's their, because by saying they're is implying they are, and by putting that in that specific sentence is not grammatically correct.

Bug off, $2 is WAY too much to pay for a five minute long game, you can get FNAF on Amazon for that. Yes it is a good game, but as I said, it is too much.

P.S They're=They are Their=It belongs to them There=Over there

Am I the only one who finds it weird that we are all debating how to use their, they're or there?


I know right it should be free..

...but i still like the game

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